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We Live By Our Values

We want to grow our amazing team with likeminded people who share our vision.

We believe that personal transformation shouldn’t be separate from professional life.

We work hard but we’re not all business. We take our people’s wellbeing very seriously, because we all do our best work when we’re engaged and content. Loving what you do makes life better.


01 Let Vision Drive
Everything we do is guided and informed by our vision. We work intentionally.
02 Build Deep Connections
We’re committed to understanding what people need, why they need it, and how best to deliver it. We put our platform’s clients and professional specialists first and, in so doing, build a strong unshakable bond with them.
03 Take The Road Less Travelled
We go where no one else has gone before. We see things differently. We question norms and practices that keep us stuck in mediocrity. We are change makers.
04 Lead From The Heart
We let passion drive our work. We heed our inner voice. We believe in having the courage to follow our heart and intuition, trusting they hold answers.
05 Stand By Your Word
We do as we say we will. When this isn’t possible, we’re transparent and committed to making things better. By doing this we honor our word, ourselves as people, and our clients who trust us.
06 Own It
As individuals we take ownership of our tasks and do everything to the best of our ability. We ask for help, when needed, to enable the best outcome and to get the job done no matter what.
07 Embrace Mistakes
We all learn from mistakes in life. Those experiences can make us stronger, braver, and more insightful, if we recognize them for what they are: an opportunity for growth.
08 Choose Teamwork
Our vision is bigger than any one person. We love teamwork. We help each other to achieve more, supporting any individual weaknesses and celebrating strengths. Together we are better.
09 Speak Truth, Listen Well
We practice what we preach. We communicate authentically and share bravely in a safe, inclusive, space where all are heard. We never make judgments about anyone.
10 Remember Your Humanity
Everyone is a work in progress. We should all have compassion for ourselves and for one another, as colleagues and as people.

Join Hakkini

If our vision and beliefs light you up, then we want to hear from you!

We’re looking to fill all kinds of roles in our different departments including: technology and product, customer relations, marketing and social media, content creation, finance, and operations.

Send us your C.V. Even better send a video to give us more of a feel about you, and what you’d bring to our family.

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