Practitioner Dana S

Dana S

General Psychotherapist. Marriage and Family Therapist. Relationship Psychotherapist. [11] Experience Lebanon

Hi! Im Dana. Im a Psychotherapist and also a Marriage and Family Therapist and I follow the AAMFT code of ethics. I am inspired by diversity and human connection and believe that it has the power to foster strong relationships and build trust among people - that includes your therapist! I am passionate about helping others thrive by embracing their inner beauty and uniqueness as well as their vulnerabilities. What interests me most is to really dig deep and understand what makes you the person that you are - your experiences challenges dreams and motivations. Aside from being a psychotherapist I am also an amateur artist - a painter and calligraphist. I am equally driven by my love for art and science. For me its all about the joys of human connection and beauty across realms.

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English, Arabic

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Areas of Expertise

Child's life, Family life, Love life, Personal Life, Unwanted behaviours & disorders, Work life

Therapy & Counselling

Therapy & Counselling

Attachment-Based Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Couples Therapy and Pre-Marital Counselling, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy, Integrative Therapy, Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Relational Therapy

My Approach

My Approach
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Challenges Dana S can help with

Child/teen relationship issues
Teen Self-image / Confidence issues
Gender identity issues
Child sexuality issues
Parental abuse / Domestic Violence
Coping with grief & loss
Overcoming codependency
Improve communication
Resolving conflict & disagreements
Relational dynamics
Dealing with the in laws
Improve communication
Resolving conflict & disagreements
Overcoming infidelity
Coping with grief & loss
Renewing love/spark
Single: finding love
Intimacy / sex related issues & dynamics
Dealing with divorce / break-up
Relationship advice & Counseling
Prenatal/postnatal marriage counselling
Better attachment styles
relational dynamics
sexual dynamics
lack of desire or libido
dating life
marital issues after kids
scientific sex education
Trauma / PTSD
Anxiety / Panic attacks
Gender identity issues
Connecting to the feminine
Toxic masculinity & emotional disconnect
Self-love issues
Body Image Issues
Overcoming codependency
Overcoming hopelessness
Coping with grief and loss
Coping with life changes
Lack of purpose / Sense of Meaning
Feeling stuck in a rut
self care while taking care of others
Eating Disorders
Cinderella syndrome
Trouble concentrating
Anger Management
Bipolar Disorders
Obsessive Compulsive Disorders
Sleeping disorders
Stockholm syndrome
Social anxiety disorders
Body dysmorphia disorders
Lack of motivation
Stuck in rut
Workplace conflicts
Career change / Transition
Dealing with redundancy
Lack of confidence

What Specialist Offers

Regular Session
Regular Session
$ 130 Per Session
$ 130