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Nadia S

Integrative Holistic Healer [11] Experience Jordan

Hi! Im Nadia. I am an integrative holistic healer with over 1 years of experience. My passion is to connect people to their true selves and have them experience life to the fullest. I have always believed that there was more to my life than I was experiencing. My curiosity and thirst to discover more took me to different parts of the world. As I embarked on my journey of self-discovery I stumbled upon “Reiki” and “Angel answers” which I believe were signs that led me to my passion and purpose that I am dedicated to practicing today. My journey started with “Reiki” learning and mastering. I went from Jordan (the country I was raised in) to Canada Nepal and the UAE to receive diversified methods of healing such as USUI FAM REI REIKI holistic counseling emotional intelligence access consciousness bars and access energetic facelift social emotional ethical and compassion qigong tai chi meditation and breathing techniques. Currently I combine different methods and techniques in my healing sessions. I also teach the original USUI FAM REI Reiki courses for levels one to nine.

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English, Arabic

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Areas of Expertise

Family life, Personal Life, Unwanted behaviours & disorders, Work life

Coaching & Healing

Coaching & Healing

Pranic Healing

My Approach

My Approach
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Challenges Nadia S can help with

Coping with grief & loss
Improve communication
Trauma / PTSD
Anxiety / Panic attacks
Gender identity issues
Connecting to the feminine
Toxic masculinity & emotional disconnect
Self-love issues
Body Image Issues
Overcoming codependency
Overcoming hopelessness
Coping with grief and loss
Coping with life changes
Lack of purpose / Sense of Meaning
Feeling stuck in a rut
Bipolar Disorders
Lack of motivation
Stuck in rut
Workplace conflicts
Career change / Transition
Dealing with redundancy
Lack of confidence

What Specialist Offers

Regular Session Free Discovery Session Free Discovery Session
Regular Session
$ 85 Per Session
$ 85